The Drop Command Podcast – Episode 2

In this episode we take time to talk about recent changes to LRMs, the introduction of the Blackjack, and the announcement of the Victor assault mech.


Trial By Fire – Testing, evaluating & rating the trial version of the Highlander HGN-732

Trial By Fire is an ongoing series for promoting and discussing MechWarrior Online. I created a brand new game account, one that I’ll never purchase a mech with, and I use it to play and rate the trial mechs that are made available each month.

In Episode 4 we take a look at the Highlander HGN-732. With the recent buffs (to put it lightly) to LRMs this week, the timing for this assault mech couldn’t be better.

Things I Hate About SWTOR

Things I Hate About SWTOR

This is a link to an editorial on Darth Hater by a contributor named Baelor that was just posted today. While his views may not reflect the entire staff at Darth Hater, one of the premier fan sites surrounding the game, they certainly reflect mine. 

Anyone who has read my articles on specialized gear grinds for PvE and PvE, the holy trinity and its boring combat design, the illusion of complexity involved in a WoW-based ability system and so on, will see a lot of my points echoed here. 

I doubt that it’s a coincidence that this article from a former champion of SWTOR comes on the heels of the release of Guild Wars 2. 

The Vanguard: Guardian Utility Skills – Heals & Consecrations

The Vanguard: Guardian Utility Skills – Heals & Consecrations

My weekly column is up on Guild Wars Insider!

This week I go in depth with each of the Guardian healing and consecration skills, including videos showing off their animations and effects! Come by and check it out!