Why so surly?

Hello. My name is Jason. I am a gamer in my late 30s, and I’ve been rolling dice and kicking virtual ass almost all of my life.

When I was nine years old, I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by a friend’s older brother who promptly killed off fourteen of us players while running The Isle of Dread. I suspect his motives weren’t entirely honorable. The next summer I read The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings three times, and cemented a deep love of the fantasy genre. At age twelve, after watching a friend play The Bard’s Tale on his Commodore 64, I used my birthday money to purchase my own copy…  We didn’t even own a computer at the time. It sat on a shelf for three months until we got a Commodore of our own for Christmas.

Between then and now I’ve played countless pen and paper RPGs, and have owned almost every gaming console that has ever hit the market. I ran an Earthdawn group that played on the bridge of an active US naval warship. I’ve burned vacation days to celebrate game releases the way some people celebrate their kids’ birthdays. I’ve survived almost eight consecutive years of playing various MMOs, including World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Eve Online, DC Universe Online, Rift and Star Wars: The Old Republic – and most of that was spent raiding at a level of respectable “progression”.

I love games, but I find plenty about them to get worked up about.

I am the surly gamer.


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