Quick Look – Age of Decadence

Age of Decadence is a single-player RPG from Iron Tower Studios. I downloaded the public beta and filmed my first attempted play through.

Per the wiki:

“Set in a low-magic, post-apocalyptic world inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire, The Age of Decadence aims to return to the ‘golden era’ of RPGs by emphasizing choices and consequences and providing a comprehensive skill set, multiple solutions to quests, and extensive dialogue trees.”



6 responses to “Quick Look – Age of Decadence

  1. Just a few quick points:
    1) During character creation, when you pick a background you can modify the attributes.
    2) Skills checks aren’t random. If you meet a threshold value you pass otherwise you fail.
    3) Combined skill checks that use two skills depend on the sum of both skills (though you still need them both to be above a low threshold).
    4) When the merchant talked about a guild, he meant the building of the merchant’s guild, the Commercium, which is standing right there next to the merchant plaza.

    • Thanks for the info! The video was shot during my first session with the game. I attempted to do it justice, but it was all first impression commentary.

  2. Cool video. Just a few quick pointers:
    1) When you pick a background you can actually still tweak the attributes.
    2) Blue squares means you can move there, green squares means it’s in your range and you can attack people standing there.
    3) Skill checks aren’t random rolls. Each check has an assigned threshold value. If your skill is that high or higher you pass, if it’s lower you fail.
    4) Skill checks that use multiple skills use the sum of the two to determine their threshold value (though you still need to mee a minimal value for both skills involved).
    5) When the merchant talked about the guild, he was talking about the nearby building of the Commercium (the one with the big pillars).

    • Thanks! I shot the video immediately after downloading. The only time I checked the forums or FAQ was when I couldn’t locate key binds in the options menu. Some of these things I probably just missed, but others could probably benefit from a tutorial.

      I appreciate the feedback!

      • I’m actually impressed how well you did on your first try. I enjoyed the commentary too and wouldn’t mind watching more AoD videos, if you ever decide to make them.

      • I agree with blazheij, really nice commentary. I’ve been following AoD for a while and seen quite a few preview videos, and so far yours has been my favorite. Very nice review for a first timer!

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